Beside the horses that we can offer you from our own breeding-program we also can show you horses from other breeders or dealing-stables in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

On this page we explain to you what we can mean for you in finding the right horse for you.

Let's line up some facts.

The horses of son-horses are selected on character, quality, and health.

A large number of pre-selected horses will be shown to you.

son-horses is situated in the most prominent area of the Dutch horse world, namely Twente.

Vetting services are typically handled at your standards according to a your needs.

We can make shipping arrangements for door-to-door service.

You’ll be picked up at the Airport, there is no need to rent a car.

We go for a perfect match between you and your horse!

son-horses is the doorstep to your success!


Sincerely yours,


Stephan Oude Nijeweme