And then I had to let you go,
I can't take your hand anymore
because it's cold..
you gave me a home,
love and peace.
now you’re ┬áthe sky,
the wind and the sea.
you’re ┬áthe emptiness in my heart,
but your still close to me.

Papa, I can't really
Describe what I feel,
And even with tears,
Nobody can truly know how I feel....


This page is in honour to my father

who passed away on

26 September 2005

On the front of his memory card
There is a picture of the
"Saint Plechelmus" in Oldenzaal
The church where my parents married in 1958

My parents always came to the stable to
watch the offspring from their breeding-mares
Those days where always fun and meaningful

Every show that their horses jumped with Esther
They where watching them.

The nicest thing than of my father towards Esther's riding was his comment.
It was always positive and warm.

"well done, very good riding"
when Esther had a clear round.

"No problem, it is not your fault"
when something went wrong.

My father's love for animals was huge
On the right picture you see him while taking his daily walk with Snuf and Grizzly

During his illness they never left his side and where with him until my father passed away

Snuf lied under his bed for three days

Together with my oldest brother Jos he had the hobby breeding birds

Here you see them at a show where Jos is competing with his collection

Jos is very good in bird breeding
he already won many awards

Dear Papa I have had lots of fun with You
and you have learned me a lot about horses and horse breeding

A important rule you learned me and that i have always to keep in my mind

"Every horse jumps like the way he moves and by the way he is build".

You my father are truly my biggest friend
and i miss you every day!

We all miss you very very much